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How to Use CRMs, Google Docs, Office 365 with PDFfiller
  • How to Import Documents With the pdfFiller Google Chrome Extension
    Use pdfFiller to manage documents straight from your Google Chrome search results, Gmail account or directly from a website. Make edits, share your PDF, eSign it or send it via email or fax.
  • How to Use the pdfFiller Google Docs Add-On
    Use pdfFiller’s powerful functionality to manage your Google Docs. Add pdfFiller to your Google Docs add-ons and then open a Google Doc in pdfFiller to make edits, add a signature, sign and share it.
  • How to Edit with Google in pdfFiller
    Get all Google Docs processing features in your pdfFiller account to edit any Word or PDF document. Once your document is completed you can make further edits, sign or share it with pdfFiller's tools.
  • How to Edit in Office 365 in pdfFiller
    Edit a Word document in Office 365 straight from your pdfFiller account. Then open your document in the pdfFiller editor where you can make additional changes or add an eSignature.