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How to Erase, Redact, Draw on PDF Online Using PDFfiller
  • How to Highlight a PDF Online Using pdfFiller
    Easily capture your document’s key information by highlighting words or sentences. In the pdfFiller editor you can highlight text with a simple swipe of your cursor or undo a highlight in a click.
  • How to Blackout and Redact a PDF Online Using pdfFiller
    Hide confidential information by using the Blackout tool in the pdfFiller editor. It only takes seconds to obscure words or phrases. Deleting your edits can be done with a single click.
  • How to Erase and Whiteout a PDF Online Using pdfFiller
    Erase any part of your document’s text quickly and accurately using pdfFiller’s editing tools. The color and size of the eraser can also be changed to match the color scheme of the document.
  • How to Draw on a PDF Online Using pdfFiller
    Customize the look of your document by drawing shapes anywhere on your PDF. With pdfFiller’s editing tools you can change the color of a drawing or easily remove unwanted shapes.
  • How to Add Lines and Arrows to a PDF Online Using pdfFiller
    Illustrate your document’s text by adding lines or arrows. You can adjust the graphical elements by changing their color and size. Remove arrows and lines when you no longer need them.